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{{ 'How do I buy Bitcoin using Cash?' | translate }}

{{ "Find a designated location near you and select the amount you would like to purchase. Please tell the merchant clerk that you're looking to buy Snapcard Value. Once you pay the clerk, you will receive a receipt with a unique PIN. Do not lose this :) - Follow the instructions on the receipt to redeem your bitcoin." | translate }}

{{ 'Fees / Exchange Rate?' | translate }}

{{ 'There is a $5 USD convenience fee per order at the checkout. The exchange rate is based on market value at the time.' | translate }}

{{ 'How do you retail stores work?' | translate }}

{{ 'Our retail stores are our partners. They provide over the counter service for buyers interested in purchasing bitcoin in cash.' | translate }}

{{ 'How long does it take to receive the bitcoin?' | translate }}

{{ 'Once you redeem your pin code, your bitcoin will be instantly available.' | translate }}

{{ "I went to one of your stores and they said they don't sell SNAPCARD?" | translate }}

{{ 'All of our designated partner stores should be active. Please contact us and let us know right away.' | translate }}

{{ "What are your identity verification requirements?" | translate }}

{{ "Once you are ready to redeem your pin code, you will be prompted to provide your full name, email address and phone number. If you're looking to make more transactions, you will be prompted to complete more verification questions." | translate }}

{{ "What is Bitcoin?" | translate }}

{{ 'Bitcoin is a digital currency and online payment system that is part of a decentralized network. Bitcoin transactions are processed and confirmed by users called miners. You can use bitcoin to pay for goods and services.' | translate }}

{{ "What rate do you sell bitcoin?" | translate }}

{{ 'We sell bitcoin at a competitive price based on market value. To see our latest rate, please go to ' | translate }} www.snapcard.io

{{ "Are there any charges other than the cash payment amount?" | translate }}

{{ 'There is only a convenience fee of $5 USD per order.' | translate }}

{{ "What payment forms are accepted?" | translate }}

{{ "We only accept cash when purchasing PINs through partnered retail stores. If you'd like to use a debit card or bank account, please create an account at " | translate }} www.snapcard.io

{{ "Will my PINs/payment expire?" | translate }}

{{ 'Issued pin codes will not expire.' | translate }}

{{ "Is there a limit on how much bitcoin I can buy?" | translate }}

{{ 'At the moment, the limit per buyer is $500 USD per day.' | translate }}

{{ "I've lost my PINs receipt, what can I do?" | translate }}

{{ "Unfortunately there is no way that we're able to redeem lost PINs." | translate }}


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{{ 'Instantly buy Bitcoin from over 20,000+ local stores throughout the world. Since 2013, SNAPCARD has helped millions buy and sell Bitcoin.' | translate }}