{{'Instantly send cross border payments to a phone number or e-mail address.' | translate}}

curl -X POST {{codeExample.base}}/transactions?timestamp={{codeExample.timestamp}} \
-H X-Api-Key:{{codeExample.apiKey}} \
-H X-Api-Signature:{{codeExample.signature}} \
-d destination={{}} \
-d destCurrency={{}} \
-d equivalencyCurrency={{}} \
-d equivalencyAmount={{codeExample.amount}}

{{'Flexible' | translate}}

{{'Open an account and send funds to anybody in the world using a phone number or e-mail address.' | translate}}


{{'No Hidden Fees' | translate}}

{{'Unlike many mass payout services, SNAPCARD does not hide fees on the exchange rate. Your payees will receive their funds fairly and instantly.' | translate}}


{{'Customers First' | translate}}

{{'We pride ourselves on being accountable at all times and having world class phone, live chat, and email support.' | translate}}


{{'Customers using the SNAPCARD MassPay API' | translate}}

{{'Programmatically send funds to over 32 countries, in more than 10 currencies, all through one easy-to-use API. Send cross-boarder payments from anywhere from $.01 to $1,000,000.' | translate}}

{{"Your perfect tool for Mass Payout disbursement." | translate}}

{{'Store a balance in local fiat currency (USD, EURO, CAD, AUS)' | translate}}


{{'Payout as small as a fraction of a cent, to as large as you need' | translate}}


{{'Select from over 100 currencies when paying out' | translate}}


{{'Trigger payments in real-time, no waiting for funds to transfer or clear' | translate}}


{{'Your recipient only needs either a phone number, email, or bank account' | translate}}

{{'Mobile Gaming Industry' | translate}}

{{'Have global gaming users? Instantly pay and reward your gamers in real-time with no charge minimums.' | translate}}

{{'Marketplaces' | translate}}

{{'Send fast, easy, and secure payments to your International Sellers. SNAPCARD MassPay makes sending money low-cost and easy.' | translate}}

{{'Digital Content' | translate}}

{{'Looking for an easy and fast way to pay photographers, designers and illustrators? The SNAPCARD MassPay API is a low cost payment solution that instantly settles royalty payments to millions of artists.' | translate}}

{{'Ad Networks' | translate}}

{{"Have a small or large payment to make to an affiliate or contractor? SNAPCARD’s MassPay makes it easy for thousands of companies to send funds to affiliates, contractors, and publishers, wherever they are in the world." | translate}}

{{'“ Snapcard is a fantastic addition to our rewards catalog. It is truly frictionless, global, and most importantly, desired by the participants in our customers rewards programs.' | translate}}

{{'SNAPCARD is a real leader in the evangelization & functionality around payments and we are excited about our partnership and will work together to bring MassPay to hundreds of rewards programs.”' | translate}}

{{'Nat Salvione, VP of Partnerships at Tango Card' | translate}}

{{'Go International' | translate}}

{{"Send mass payouts to anybody worldwide using SNAPCARD's MassPay API. Your users can keep their payout in a variety of payment methods including global bank transfers, local eWallets, and international checks." | translate}}

{{'Currently offering local currency payouts for .25%' | translate}}

{{'Over 50 more countries to be added by 2017' | translate}}

{{'We are completely free, forever.' | translate}}

{{'International transfers are always totally free. Local currency payouts, including ID verification, and 1099-Ks, costs just 0.25% of funds paid out.' | translate}}

{{'Get Started' | translate}}

{{"Looking for the fastest way to payout sellers, affiliates, contractors or gamers? You're here." | translate}}

{{"SNAPCARD's MassPay API allows you to send funds to anybody in the world for the fraction of the cost of what any of the other Mass Payout company are able to offer." | translate}}