{{'About Us' | translate}}

{{'Founded in 2013, We started with building the simplest suite of products and services which were designed to make it easy for consumers and businesses to use blockchain technologies.' | translate}}

{{'Our latest product, MassPay, is an enterprise-level API which allows companies to instantly send funds worldwide, without taking on any price volatility, and for a fraction of the cost. We\'ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies and are currently moving millions of dollars on a daily basis. And we\'re really just getting started.' | translate}}

{{'Our goal is to add \'magic\' to the simplest, yet still dysfunctional, core business functions.' | translate}}

{{'Funded by renowned VCs in Silicon Valley, Snapcard is well-vested in the digital currency community, with users in 50+ countries, with features in Forbes, WSJ, NBC, Bloomberg, Coindesk and more.' | translate}}

{{'Snapcard is headquartered in SoMA, San Francisco.' | translate}}

Visit our AngelList to view more about our company.

{{'Team' | translate}}

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{{'How we work' | translate}}

{{'We\'re a group of good and honest people. We have good intentions to build something meaningful in a very complex and sometimes unknown industry. We\'re replacing technologies that have been stagnant for 30+ years.' | translate}}

{{'Personal interaction in particular is something we emphasize a lot. We\'ve spent the past few years building a family and strive hard to find people who make others want to be around them. We love to be around happy people :) ' | translate}}

{{'We\'re extremely transparent internally and love to build relationships with our partners.' | translate}}

{{'Benefits' | translate}}

- {{'Get a true stake of the company' | translate}}

- {{'Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your family' | translate}}

- {{'Wellness and commuter benefits' | translate}}

- {{'Free lunches' | translate}}

- {{'Relocation support' | translate}}

- {{'Hooked up computer setup' | translate}}

- {{'Free gym membership' | translate}}

- {{'Vacation days & time off + flexible work hours' | translate}}

- {{'401(k) plan (launching soon)' | translate}}

- {{'Get to work in a growing startup' | translate}}

- {{'Option to take pay in digital currencies' | translate}}