Accept Bitcoin

Easy-to-use tools to open up to millions of customers.

payment module to accept bitcoin payments with snapcard


Automatic conversion to local currency.

Guaranteed to receive the sales price.

Zero volatility added to your business.


Bitcoin payments are irreversible.

The Bitcoin protocol inherently guarantees it.

Eliminate risk and fraud from your operations.


Accept Bitcoin and the Top 3 Altcoins.

One solution to open your doors to

a fresh environment of new customers.


Instantly send digital currency back

to your customers in a single click,

or a few lines of code.


Charge $100 in digital currency today,

receive $99.5 in local currency

into your bank account the next day.


One integration to reach global markets.

Receive settlements in your choice of

more than 20 different local currencies.

Simple pricing.

0.5 %

Per transaction
Nothing more. Ever

We’ve built tools to make integration extremely easy.

From mobile point-of-sale tools and real-time analytics to fast deposits and simple refund system, SNAPCARD has everything you need to start accepting bitcoin payments.

Mobile POS App

For offline payments

Clean API Docs

For online integration

Ready to unleash over 14 million people to your website?

SNAPCARD has made it really easy to start accepting Top 4 digital currencies-- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple-- putting you in front of the largest audience. Go from sign-up to settlement in a few simple steps.

Industry Friendly Solutions

SNAPCARD has a wide range of tools that enable your business to start accepting digital currency payments. From the local bakery, to the large online merchant. Propel your business ahead of the competition and become an industry pioneer.

Online Integration Tools

SNAPCARD has a wide variety of tools that enable your business to accept bitcoin payments through your website’s checkout. You can get started with a few lines of code.

Want to get your hands dirty? We have awesome API documentation for all of our payment modules.

We love people.

SNAPCARD has world-class, flexible support via live chat, email and phone. We guarantee that you’ll be able to have any issue resolved within 24 hours. You can contact support immediately here.

Super simple integration

Multi-platform solutions to make it easy for you.

From a powerful and secure RESTful api, to a full POS system for offline purchases, SNAPCARD has a wide variety of tools to help you integrate digital currency payments into your business.

The fastest activation time on the planet.

Go from sign-up to settlement in just a few minutes. Setup is as simple as creating an account and linking your bank account to receive payouts. Help is here 24/7. You’ll be on your way to start accepting digital currency in no time.

Simple & Secure Features

Clean Analytics

Real-time analytics to monitor transactions and payments. Export a CSV file to your existing accounting software. Keep track of your bottom line with ease.


Putting a strong focus on security for your account information, our entire website runs over encrypted SSL. You can utilise our API with confidence knowing your information is secure.

Start accepting digital currencies today.

Go from sign-up to settlement in a few simple steps. Sign up and we’ll mail you a free digital currency package to get started.