{{'How SNAPCARD works' | translate}}

{{'Sign Up' | translate}}

{{'Sign up using an e-mail address, phone number, and password. Takes less than 20 seconds.' | translate}}

{{'Connect your bank' | translate}}

{{'Pay SNAPCARD in your local currency by connecting your bank account and making a simple bank transfer.' | translate}}

{{'Buy Bitcoin' | translate}}

{{'SNAPCARD converts your money using the best rates and deposits the bitcoin into your account.' | translate}}

{{'Join the revolution, buy Bitcoin today.' | translate}}

{{'Bitcoin allows you to receive massive discounts on goods and services & allows you to send money to anybody in the world, instantly & free.' | translate}}

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{{'"Bitcoin Is Better than Currency"' | translate}}
- Bill Gates

{{'5/5 Star rating, 15,000+ purchases' | translate}}

{{'Wall Street Journal likes us!' | translate}}


{{'Easy' | translate}}

{{'Buy Bitcoin on your Snapcard Bitcoin Wallet. All you need is a bank account to get started.' | translate}}


{{'Simple' | translate}}

{{'The SNAPCARD Wallet is the easiest way to use digital currencies. Our user-friendly design makes it simpler than ever.' | translate}}


{{'Customers First' | translate}}

{{'We pride ourselves on being accountable at all times and having world-class phone, live chat, and email support.' | translate}}


{{'SNAPCARD not only makes it incredibly simple to purchase bitcoin, but they also make it exceptionally quick as well.' | translate}}


Timmy Cho Han, Yahoo Inc.

{{'People all over the world are buying Bitcoin.' | translate}}




{{'Our bitcoin wallet is available on multiple platforms.' | translate}}

{{'Our iPhone app uses TouchID or PIN code, combined with a slick interface, to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible. Easily send or receive Bitcoin through your phone number, email, or sharing your public key with your contacts.' | translate}}

{{'Where can you find Bitcoin discounts?' | translate}}
{{'You can believe we have rockstar support.' | translate}}

{{'SNAPCARD has world-class, flexible support via live chat, email and phone. We guarantee that you’ll be able to have any issue resolved within 24 hours. You can contact support immediately here.' | translate}}